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Shung Kei Industrial (H.K.) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various high quality plastic and metal household products, kitchenware, microwave cookware, tableware, bathroom accessories, sundry items and other related products.

With stable business growth, quality assurance, prompt delivery and reasonable prices since its establishment in 1977, its SKI brand name has built up a good reputation worldwide. The company has its own molding department and production factory in the Mainland China.

In order to meet the demand and to compete against market rivals, Shung Kei is willing to develop new designs, fashion trends and products constantly to provide a wide selection. Shung Kei accepts customers’ own designs and OEM projects. The focus is on creating a more resilient and vibrant business, developing relevant branding strategies, extending the product range, closer trading relationships with customers and higher levels of customer service.


More than 100+ high quality plastic and metal household products.
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If you can’t find what you like or what you want in our online shop, don’t worry. Please contact us to get our latest version catalogue or use our TAILOR-MADE SERVICES.

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